Welcome to Charis Hills Camp

"Charis" is a Greek word meaning grace and acceptance. In today’s world, kids need more of both.

Charis Hills is a Christian Summer Camp for kids with learning differences and social difficulties such as ADD, ADHD, High-Functioning Autism, Asperger's disorder, and other special needs.  Our goal is to provide a positive camp experience for kids while sharing the good news about Jesus Christ. The camp is located in the Cross Timbers or North Texas Hill Country area, northwest of Dallas and Fort Worth, near Decatur.

Charis Hills is dedicated to the development of kids who have average to above average intelligence, but who have an inability to process information in traditional ways.  Campers receive academic reinforcement each day while participating in a traditional summer camping program
geared to encourage success and reward positive behavior consistently.

Emphasis is placed on teaching about Christ, improving social skills, self esteem and confidence, and helping kids learn, first hand, that their differences are neither uncommon nor debilitating.  By combining recreation with learning, campers are able to have fun while finding success in their daily lives.

Charis Hills is a great place for kids.  Our two essential elements are that:

  1. Kids can learn that they are not alone in combating their differences, and
  2. Christ is more than a Sunday School lesson.  He is active and real and able.

While Charis Hills is programmatically designed to benefit children with learning differences, their siblings and friends are welcome.  Please explore our website for more information about our program and how we can help your family.

What Are Parents Saying about Charis Hills?

"Charis Hills is a wonderful summer camp. Our kids have been campers there for two years now...and have had a blast!" (read more)

"Charis Hills provides a loving, nurturing and fun atmosphere for kids who need more help and supervision than the typical child." (read more)

"The staff is top notch, with caring hearts and well equipped to deal with the campers special needs. There are lots of activities from swimming and photography to riding horses or archery." (read more)

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