Who Are Our Counselors

Who Are Our Counselors Counselors – Who are they and where do they come from?

Not just anyone can work at Charis Hills.  It takes a special person to be a counselor for our campers, your kids.  Counselors have to be energetic, enthusiastic, patient and fun.  Our camp counselors love an active outdoor schedule, working with different age groups and with other counselors. They take pride in helping children grow and develop personally, spiritually, and physically.

Our counselors bring their own special talent; whether it’s swimming, gardening, archery, music, or dancing, and use that talent to help your camper succeed. Our counselors have a desire to teach kids and have the energy and attention to detail necessary to make a busy camp schedule work. Who Are Our Counselors They are some of the most dedicated and creative people on the planet, with a goal to help your camper have a successful camp experience.

The majority of our counselors are college students between 18 – 23 years old.  They generally come from the teaching, recreation or psychology fields with a desire to gain working experience with children with special needs.  Most are recruited from local (Texas) colleges and universities.

A few of our counselors are certified teachers, professionals in the field who want more knowledge or experience to use in their classroom.

All of our counselors share these goals for your child while he or she is at camp, that he or she would:

  • Who Are Our Counselors Witness the love of Jesus Christ, through the staff and their actions
  • Develop confidence in their abilities
  • Meet other campers with similar issues
  • Be Safe
  • Have a positive, successful camp experience
  • Have FUN!

What types of checks are conducted on counselors?

Charis Hills conducts a criminal history check, a sexual offender registry check, driving record check and a drug test on every counselor, employee and volunteer.


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