What to Expect

BENEFITS of Being a counselor at Charis Hills

  • Experience of a lifetime
  • Share in the spiritual growth of kids
  • Training and experience for future employment or ministries
  • Possible Internship Credit at your school
  • Room and Board
  • An opportunity to Serve others and God
  • Impact the life of a child in a way not otherwise possible
  • Laundry Service (weekly)
  • Salary
  • Contract Completion BONUS
  • Free Bananas

REQUIREMENTS to be a counselor at Charis Hills

  • Strong love and devotion for kids – excited about living, playing, talking and spending time with them
  • Genuine love and enjoyment of the outdoors
  • Good physical health – must have physical within the past calendar year as well as be able to play and run all day with kids. Sometimes it is HOT!
  • Good emotional health – able to get along with all staff and campers, keeping a positive friendly and enthusiastic attitude
  • Good spiritual health –regularly spending time in the word and prayer, able to apply scripture to your daily life, and share with others
  • Must have medical coverage and be able to provide proof of insurance
  • Must show good judgment – driving record and criminal background checks are completed for all employees

COMMITMENTS to be a counselor at Charis Hills 

Attend Staff Training:

  • Mandatory for all counselors – 7 to 10 days, generally the last week of May,  or first week of June
  • Specialized Activity training – will occur prior to full staff training and will be arranged individually (mandatory for some positions)

9 or 10 weeks of camp
Live in manner that would uphold and model the Christian faith and ideals, specifically avoiding the following activities:

  • Premarital sex
  • Drunkenness
  • Using illegal drugs
  • Gambling
  • Pornography
  • No tobacco use of any form

You will sleep in an air-conditioned cabin on bunk beds with the kids.  Each cabin has restrooms and showers.  Storage for your things will be a cabinet beside your bed that holds laundry baskets. You may also want to bring a sturdy footlocker to store your belongings.  Your medications will be stored in the infirmary.

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