What it Takes

Making a Difference in the Lives of Special Children Can Make a Big Difference in Your Life
If you’ve got what it takes to lead a group of children through crafts, campfires and cabin life, we’ve got the job for you. Charis Hills is a unique camping experience working with boys and girls who have learning disabilities located an hour NW of Fort Worth, near Decatur, TX, with a wide range of counseling and activity opportunities. Our camp counselors love an active outdoor schedule, working with different age groups and with other counselors. They take pride in helping children grow and develop personally, spiritually, and physically. You can bring your own special talent, whether it’s swimming, gardening, archery, music, or dancing. You’ll need a desire to teach others and the energy and attention to detail necessary to make a busy camp schedule work. We’ll teach you everything else you need to know. You’ll work with some of the most dedicated and creative people on the planet and the friendships you’ll make with the other counselors and camp leaders will last a lifetime.

Here’s what we expect from our top counselors:

1. Our best counselors make a difference in the lives of their campers, creating a unique relationship with each camper. They get to know each new group of campers quickly, ensuring each camper’s growth, safety, and development during camp. And they have FUN!What it Takes

2. 100% Participation – 100% of the Time. There isn’t a lot of down time at camp. As a counselor you are always on stage helping campers, being an example, teaching and playing games. It’s up to you to make sure everyone has a good time. You’ll make the games interesting by joining in and knowing that the sidelines are no place for a great camp counselor.

3. Making It Happen. Our campers have a full schedule of activities throughout long summer days and you’re on top of it, planning to make sure the campers are where they need to be, doing what they want to be doing. And when things change, like the weather or the mood of your campers, you’re always one step ahead with creative ideas for alternative activities.

What it Takes4. The Team Is Tops. You have the opportunity to work with great children, great counselors and a staff that is dedicated to the success of camp, every hour, every day, and every week. You’ll know when to get help from other counselors or from administration. You’ll know about all the resources available to you and your campers – and you’ll use them to create a unique summer camp experience.

5. It’s Your Camp. You feel like you own it: every activity, every camper. The reason campers will love you and write to you months later is that you were the role model of the camp’s values – you were the one each camper looked up to during camp.

6. Calm, Cool, and Collected – even when you are not by the Waterfront. During hot summer days, hectic schedules, and all those campers and What it Takesresponsibilities, you keep your cool and pay close attention to how your campers are managing the stress of different activities, weather, meeting new people, and the unique living arrangements of camp. You know the thing that matters most is the camper’s safety… spiritually, mentally, and physically.

If you’re up to the challenge, want to lead instead of follow, and really want to make the difference in the lives of hundreds of special children this summer, we’ll help you succeed. It’s, exhilarating, exhausting and challenging! But the rewards are out of this world. There is nothing quite like getting that short handwritten note and a big hug at the end of a long week at camp from one of “your” campers. And the friendships you develop with other counselors and staff will be equally special. Campers and staff will remember you forever! Years later, the lessons you taught campers will stick with them as they send their own children to camp.


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