Testimonials" Charis Hills reaffirmed for Drew that he is wonderfully made and God has a plan for him." - A. Karakourtis, Austin, TX

"My son said, and I quote, "Camp is awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!!"
- B. Houston, Nacogdoches, TX

"Charis Hills is a wonderful summer camp. Our kids have been campers there for two years now...and have had a blast! The counselors and staff do an amazing job of teaching the children that no matter who you are or what you are going through...you are wonderfully made by God. Our kids have come home every year with self confidence and lots of fun stories to tell! I would highly recommend this camp for children with or without learning differences."- L. Knoespell, San Antonio, TX

"This will be my son's 6th year.  He's so ready to go again.  I think camp is what gets him through the school year." - L. Stewart, Beaumont, TX

"Charis Hills provides a loving, nurturing and fun atmosphere for kids who need more help and supervision than the typical child. My daughter has enjoyed their activities, food, counselors, and has made some new friends along the way. She will continue to attend Charis Hills each summer. I highly recommend this camp and encourage you to consider it for your child." - C. Elliott, Keller, TX

"The staff is top notch, with caring hearts and well equipped to deal with the campers special needs. There are lots of activities from swimming and photography to riding horses or archery. The facilities are also very nice and our son raves about the food. I would recommend it to anyone!  Thank you for providing such a great experience for these kids that they cannot get anywhere else."  - M. Millsap, Fort Worth, TX

Testimonials"I would highly recommend this camp if you have a child on the autism spectrum who requires more one on one time with social skills training, team work, academics, and to boost their self esteem." - MK Brown, Dallas, TX

"We love Charis Hills! My daughter spent her first camping experience at Charis Hills. To hear her tell her stories and sing songs that she learned was such a proud moment! I could tell that her sense of self got a boost, and that she had made some good friends. She thrived on the attention from the counselors, and felt welcomed. It was really cool to see the photos that the kids took at camp which were played on the big screen in the dining hall. She still has her bead necklace. Each bead was earned by doing a good deed; she felt very accomplished. She had new skills to show off. She really wanted to stay on for another week, and I'm sure she would have. We will definitely be back!"- R. Jagoda, Kerrville, TX

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