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Q: When is check-in and check-out?

A: Check-in is on Sunday from 3:00- 5:00pm.

Outline of Check-in Procedures
Please arrive between 3:00-5:00 pm on Sunday for check-in. Early arrivals will be asked to wait.

  • You can expect to be greeted at your car by a smiling face when you arrive. Please remove all medications from luggage and bring to check-in. You will come in and sign your camper in. After taking  a picture of your child, a staff member will do a quick health screening with your child in the infirmary.  Next, your child and luggage will be assisted to his/her cabin to begin unpacking. Parents will proceed to check-in to finalize registration.
  • Next, parents will see camp medical staff to discuss camper’s medication schedule. Any allergies or other medical conditions will also be discussed at this time.  All medications that you bring, must be in their original bottle! Please don’t make a fuss, it’s the law!
  • Then, parents will review the recreation activity schedule with the activity director.
  • Parents will have an opportunity to discuss any behavioral aspects or recent changes at home that might effect their camper while at camp.
  • Camp t-shirts, caps...etc. are available for purchase in the camp store at this time.
  •  Parents will then join their camper in the cabin to see where campers will be staying, and meet some of the counselors. Your camper will quickly get involved in an activity so we ask parents to say a quick goodbye!
Check-out:  Parents should arrive back for the Awards Ceremony on Saturday morning at 9:00am Sharp.  Check-out follows after the ceremony when you will have an opportunity to speak with your child's counselors.  Please do not forget to sign your camper out, pick up all their luggage, any arts and crafts projects, as well as any medications in the infirmary.

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Q: What sets Charis Hills apart from other summer camps?

A: Charis Hills is a special needs camp geared to provide a structured, safe camp experience for children who, due to their unique learning challenges, may not be able to participate in a traditional summer camp. We also offer NOVA, a daily, educational component, lead by certified teachers, to give your child a fun, non-traditional learning experience.

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Q: What if my child gets homesick?

A: Campers who have never slept away from home, or have not yet established an independent schedule from home, may experience some homesickness. THIS IS TO BE EXPECTED! We take great pains to make certain your camper is given ample love and attention, and to direct them into activities that will help them have the best camp experience Charis Hills has to offer. For more information on limiting homesickness by preparing your child for camp, please visit our blog.

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F.A.Q.sQ: What is your staff to camper ratio?

A: We have a low counselor to camper ratio of 1:3, which does not include administrative, dining or maintenance staff. We provide highly trained, experienced counselors who want to work with your child to help him be the best he can be.

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Q: How will I pay the tuition?

A: Charis Hills accepts payments for camp with checks made payable to Charis Hills or money orders. Additionally, payment plans are available, though tuition is expected to be paid in full two weeks prior to the beginning of the session(s). Credit card payments are also available online. We accept most major credit cards. Charis Hills Summer Camp has also been granted a small scholarship endowment and offers a limited number of full or partial scholarships each year based on financial need. Contact our office prior to April st for an application.

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Q: How do I register my child for camp at Charis Hills?

A: An application process is used for all campers. You may register your camper by clicking on the registration button on our home page. While we prefer you use the online registration, you may call our office at 940-964-2145 to request a registration packet. A non-refundable, $200 deposit is also required to “hold” a spot, along with the application. The information on this application is useful in determining if your child will experience the best from Charis Hills. Please be forthright and thorough in completing the application. It will not only help us in deciding about your child’s application with Charis Hills, it also gives his or her counselors much needed guidance into how we may help your child. We will protect the integrity of this information, considering your right to privacy our top priority.

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F.A.Q.sQ: What kinds of activities will my child participate in at Charis Hills?

A: We offer over twenty “traditional” recreation activities for your camper to choose from, such as swimming, camping, hiking, riflery, archery, arts & crafts, photography etc.  We also offer Charm School in a Teacup for girls and Chivalry Hour for teen boys.  Nova is another elective  activity that is academic in nature often involving hands-on activities, experiments..etc.  The focus at Charis Hills is on participation, skill development and social skills not competition so your camper will find success in a vaierty of ways - everyday. 

Learn More About Our Activities

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Q: My child takes daily medications. How will these be dispensed to my child?

A: Charis Hills employs licensed nurses who dispense medications according to the schedule you provide. Many of our campers take daily medications! You will need to enter the medications your camper takes in Campminder as well as complete a Medication Administration form for each medication.  Bring the Medication Administration forms along with your camper’s medications in the original, prescription container(s) to check-in. Our nursing staff will meet with you at check-in to review your camper's scheduled medication(s) and discuss any remaining concerns or allergies. No medications will be kept in the cabin.  All medications are administrered by infirmary staff.

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Q: My child has had some behavioral issues during the school year. How will Charis Hills address these if they occur at camp?

A: Because of the nature of our campers’ disadvantages, we know they sometimes react to situations adversely. Our staff has been trained to respond to children with different levels of emotional behaviors. Our focus will always be to help your camper work through their emotions so they begin to see how their choices and actions do not always need to negatively impact themselves and others around them. You are encouraged to contact a Director to discuss any specific concerns you may have about your child interacting at camp.

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Q: What kind of food does Charis Hills serve its campers?

A: Charis Hills serves a nutritious camp menu that kids enjoy. Meals are served family style and we emphasize good manners, social skills and healthy food choices.  Also, we can meet most special dietary requirements and administer alternative supplements that you provide (i.e. soy milk products, protein supplements, etc.).

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F.A.Q.sQ: How do you hire and train your staff?

A: Our staff is carefully screened through extensive interviews, a background check and completion of a medical report. They are thoroughly trained in many methods of Red Cross emergency responses, CPR and First Aid, emotional behaviors, reward systems and disciplines. Learn More About Our Staff

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Q: My child is not a Christian. Can he attend Charis Hills anyway?

A: Charis Hills is not about forcing our spiritual views on children who need help learning to deal with the challenges of their learning disadvantages. Charis Hills is all about loving and nurturing children, teaching patience and understanding for themselves and others, and opening up our camp and our hearts for their enjoyment. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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Q: Will I be able to contact my camper while he or she is at camp?

A: YES!!! The Charis Hills Summer Camp program is designed to build a sense of independence, therefore, we do not allow telephone calls from campers to home. The camp encourages letter writing and emails from family and friends to the camper while at camp. Parents should bring letters from home to leave at check-in, which eliminates postal delays. You may contact your camper by emailing them at: and placing your child's name in the subject line.

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Q: What happens if my camper can't attend the scheduled session?

A: We want to encourage each of our campers to attend - if your camper can't attend the scheduled session we will make every effort to reschedule your camper into another session that has openings. If that doesn't work out then we will follow a refund schedule as shown:

- Cancellation prior to 60 days before camp session starts = Full refund; minus the deposit.
- Cancellation between 30 & 60 days before camp session starts = 50% refund

- Cancellation between 15 & 30 days before camp session starts = 25% refund

- Within 15 days of camp session start = No refund!

"Refund of the 'registration deposit ($200.00) will be made only if the applicant is not accepted, otherwise the deposit is non-refundable".

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Q: How will my child maintain personal hygiene while at camp?

A: Campers wash hands before each meal, and they are given structured shower time at the end of each day. They are guided by their counselors to complete their hygiene process before retiring to bed. This time is an opportunity to earn beads and incentives, so our staff work to remove the drudgery often associated with this time of the night.

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