For Parents

Our hearts' desire is to extend grace and acceptance to your children while at camp and encourage them to extend the same to others.  Grace and acceptance help campers face their “challenges” with courage.  We are committed to, and passionate about, developing the hearts, minds and lives of our campers in an environment that is safe, but challenging…an environment that encourages them to take spiritual and relational risks to help them grow in Christ.  Our program also helps campers to develop physical skills in a fun environment through many recreational activities.  Our staff provides encouragement for campers, empowering them to live more fully through faith. This gift of grace and acceptance is what Charis Hills is all about. 
For ParentsAs parents, it is not easy to send our children off for a week or more.  For many campers, attending camp may be the longest they have ever spent away from home and family.  It is natural for you to have lots of questions.  We want to help answer any that you may have.  Our counselors and leadership staff are dedicated, well trained Christian young people who are passionate about working with your child.  We want to assure you that at Charis Hills, we take our responsibility seriously.  After all, not only is your child your treasure, he or she is God’s treasure.  
Children with special needs benefit greatly by the program Charis Hills has to offer.  Our culture today focuses on phony ideals…. on being better than others, the smartest, the best looking, having the best stuff and always winning.  At camp, children are removed from the world’s “phoniness” where we can focus on how God teaches us to live and what He wants for us.  Campers are encouraged to have fun, “drop their dignity” and experience the joy that comes with a personal relationship with Christ.

For ParentsCharis Hills encourages character and spiritual development in our campers.   We are focused on building the character traits they need to be leaders, to serve others and face their challenges in life.  Our campers are accepted for who they are.  Campers benefit from sharing with others who have similar challenges as well as an understanding of how God can use even our struggles for His glory.   At Charis Hills, our campers are not “different”.  We strive to remove the “dis” in Dyslexia/Dysgraphia/disabilities which often makes kids want to “disappear” and to help campers to DISCOVER and EXPLORE their ABILITIES by teaching them: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13.
We encourage campers to explore, learn and serve.  We focus on exploring what it means to know God, His creation, and experience nature.  We will explore what it means to be a child of God.  We explore making new friends and trying new things. Special attention is given to learning new skills.

We explore physical (swimming, canoeing, archery, etc.), social skills (camp & cabin life), academic (the daily tutoring program and fun as well as practical use of academic skills,)  and spiritual skills such as Bible study and applying God’s word to life situations. Our goal at Charis Hills is discipleship.  To help campers who, having recognized the gifts they’ve been given and developed, are ready to give back to others and to God.  We want to encourage the development of a servant’s heart in each camper.  Christ accepts each of us and extends grace to all those who acknowledge Him, repent of their sins and claim Him as Lord.  Having dedicated Charis Hills to God, we want to extend “charis” to others.  This gift of grace and acceptance is the hallmark of Charis Hills.

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