Why give?  

We believe that teaching children about Christ, and about their abilities as people who can do work for Christ, is one of the most important things we can do here in our time on earth.  We also believe that parents of those children who have special needs are in need of some time to rest, to learn about resources for their children, and to learn how to better raise that child.  We believe in family.

Not all of the children or families who want and need to attend Charis Hills are able to for financial reasons. A gift to the scholarship fund will help them get here. It can be specified for summer camp or for family camp. (It can not be given for a particular child or family.)

And, though we are a ministry, we can not operate without incurring cost. We have to pay for salaries for the counselors, electricity, insurance, food, copiers, mail, and everything else other businesses pay for.  Gifts help with operating expenses.

When we say non-profit, it means that no one here from the top on down will get anything but their salary for the job they do.  Additionally, those salaries are compared to other people in similar organizations with similar backgrounds. Many are volunteers

Charis Hills Inc. is a 501 (c) 3, not for profit organization.  That just means that any money or item you give to Charis Hills, where services or goods are not exchanged, is tax deductible.  You can donate with cash, by check, with a credit card, or with what are called “in kind” donations, meaning things other than money.

So that we can keep our costs down for those who want to participate, gifts and volunteers are needed.  If you believe in the mission at Charis Hills, you can be a part of what happens here through your generous donation.  Your support is appreciated and needed!

Please contact us if you would like to donate or volunteer or click the button below to donate using paypal.


Camp Wish List

If you would like to donate a specific item or money towards an item, Charis Hills is in need of the following things for Summer 2018.

  • Cabin Construction
  • Scholarships for Campers
  • Horse Tack

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