About Us

About UsOur Mission:

"To present Christ to His special kids through a consistent and positive environment that produces healing, education, and growth."

Charis Hills … a Christian Camp for kids that learn differently!

As boys and girls grow, the challenges they face can be very difficult. When you add the extra challenges faced by kids with learning differences, they can become overwhelming.

Charis Hills offers this group of kids, those with special learning needs, an opportunity to come to a place of acceptance. Here they meet others, both children and their counselors, who share similar experiences who are on the road to success. They have the opportunity to learn new activities in an environment that is safe, physically and socially. They are supported and encouraged in ways many have never experienced before. They learn that success is something they too can achieve with hard work.

We teach children about Christ because that is our mission. We believe that if a child can understand who Christ is, his or her life can be changed through that understanding. We also believe that most of our daily problems can be overcome through an understanding of the Bible and that understanding is sufficient for a successful life.

About UsIn accomplishing our Christian Commitment to our mission statement:

  • We will present God as loving and just, and Christ as the Son of God. We will model Christian values and character.
  • We will celebrate and share our faith with others but in a relaxed, no-pressure manner.
  • We will emphasize a Christian message that is Biblical, positive and affirming, yet non-denominational.

Parents who do not want their children exposed to Biblical teachings or Christ should not send their children to Charis Hills. Children who are not from Christian homes may still attend, and they will not be treated differently than other children. Our commitment is to treat all children in a fair and balanced manner.

Accreditation, Licenses, and Memberships:

ACA Accredited Chistian Camp and Conference Association Charis Hills National Association of Special Education Teachers Blue Ribbon Camp Facebook Welcome to Charis Hills. Welcome to Charis Hills. Welcome to Charis Hills. Welcome to Charis Hills.