A Day at Camp

A Day at CampCamp is meant to be different from your everyday life.  The very goal of camp is for each camper to have a life changing experience - to have opportunities that may not be available or easy to do at home or at school.  This page is intended to give you an idea of what to look forward to at Camp.

Here is what we will do:

Circle Up!
After waking up and eating breakfast, we start the day by gathering around the flagpole.  We raise the flag, hear the word of the day, and enjoy some fine entertainment from one of the cabins. 

Time for Activities!
Campers attend six activities each day, four before lunch, and two after siesta.  Each activity is filled with new and exciting things to do and led by counselors (who are fun or we wouldn’t hire them!).

You can see a full list of activities by clicking here.

Lunch is ‘Especially Delicious’
At Charis Hills, we eat “Family Style”.  Everyone sits together and works together to enjoy the meal.  Our cooks create great tasting, healthy and nutritious meals to keep everyone energized and healthy.  We also have other options available such as a salad bar, cereal, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and fruit.  We do encourage everyone to try everything that is served before other options are offered. Also, awards, and announcements and, possibly some singing occur during meals.

After lunch we go back to our cabins for "Crosstalk".  Crosstalk is when we get a chance to learn a little more about the Bible and how it applies to life at camp and back at home.

Siesta -- AHHH - REST!!!
The hottest part of the day is the perfect time to take a rest.  Get out of the sun and into our Air Conditioned cabins for a rest.  Campers can take a nap, quietly socialize with their friends, read a book, draw a picture, or write to their families and friends.  We strongly encourage campers to write home during this time.  

After Siesta, we receive some ‘nutrients’ to energize us for the afternoon activities.  To energize our spirits, we may sing a bit or have another skit/word for the day to reinforce the theme.

This is generally the highlight of the day – a LARGE activity usually involving costumes, Fun with a capital F, lots of energy, loud music and silliness.  Examples include Carnival, Capture the Flag and the ever popular 'Dance".

Following the Night Activity is a time of worship and learning about God, Jesus and the Bible.  We spend time praising in song, followed by a skit or story and a short message relating that skit or story and the messages given earlier together, tying them together with the theme for the day. Concepts are broken down and taught in a way that is fun and easy to learn.

Going Dark/Lights Out.
Campers shower nightly, and then have some time before lights out at 10 pm.  This is a good time for counselors to review the day with campers, discussing the devotional, the number and meaning of beads, or just saying a prayer with them.  We have to hit the sack at a decent time, tomorrow is another full day and we want to be prepared!





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